Meditate on the Promises of Remuneration

“The haven of rest,” Heb. 4.9. “The beatific sight of God,” Mat. 5.8. The
glorious mansions, John 14.2. Meditation on these promises will keep us from
fainting under our sins and sorrows.

Thomas Watson, The Christian on the Mount

Thy Way, Not Mine

Thy way, not mine, O Lord,
However dark it be !
Lead me by thine own hand,
Choose out the path for me.

Smooth let it be or rough,
It will be still the best,
Winding or straight, it matters not,
It leads me to thy rest.

I dare not choose my lot :
I would not, if I might ;
Choose thou for me, my God,
So shall I walk aright.

The kingdom that I seek
Is thine : so let the way
That leads to it be thine,
Else I must surely stray.

Take thou my cup, and it
With joy or sorrow fill,
As best to thee may seem ;
Choose thou my good and ill.

Choose thou for me my friends,
My sickness or my health,
Choose thou my cares for me,
My poverty or wealth.

Not mine, not mine the choice,
In things or great or small ;
Be thou my guide, my strength,
My wisdom, and my all.

Horatius Bonar, Hymns of Faith and Hope

The daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee. Isaiah 37:22

The daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee.
Isaiah 37:22

Reassured by the Word of the Lord, the poor trembling citizens of Zion grew bold, and shook their heads at Sennacherib’s boastful threats. Strong faith enables the servants of God to look with calm contempt upon their most haughty foes. We know that our enemies are attempting impossibilities. They seek to destroy the eternal life, which cannot die while Jesus lives; to overthrow the citadel, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. They kick against the pricks to their own wounding, and rush upon the bosses of Jehovah’s buckler to their own hurt.n Our victory cannot fail.”

Charles H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening