God is Incomparable in His Attributes (3)

Those attributes are all one in God. His justice is his mercy,
and his wisdom is his patience, and his knowledge is his faithfulness,
and his mercy is his justice, &c. Though they are distinguished
in regard of their objects, and in regard of our apprehensions
of them, and in regard of their effects, yet they are all one in
themselves ; and this floweth from the former head, because they
are the essence of God, and his essence is a pure undivided being.
In men and angels, these attributes or perfections are different and
several, for they may have one without the other. Their righteousness
is one thing, and their power another thing, and their
truth a third thing ; for we see in angels some that are strong and
powerful that are not righteous or faithful, and among men some
have one of these perfections who have not another ; yea, though in
good men all these perfections are in some degree, yet all are not
in any one in the same degree. There is scarce any saint who is
not more eminent for some spiritual excellency than for others ; but
in God they are all one and the same ; as when the sunbeams shine
through a yellow glass they are yellow, a green glass they are green,
a red glass they are red, and yet all the while the beams are the
same ; or as, when the sun shines on clay it hardens it, on wax it
softens it, on sweet flowers it draweth out their fragrancy, on dunghills
and ditches it draweth out their ill savours, yet still it is the
same sun and the same influences ; the difference iieth in the objects
and the effects. So the great God, who is always working in
the world, when he worketh towards the wicked in punishing he is
righteous, towards the godly in saving them he is merciful ; yet still
the same immutable Grod.

– George Swinnock, The Incomparableness of God