God is Incomparable in His Attributes (4)

All these attributes are in God in the highest degree, yea, beyond
all degrees. These communicable attributes which are in
angels and men in degrees, and limited, for a finite substance will
not admit of an infinite property, are in God infinitely. Immensity,
like a golden thread, runs through all his communicable properties
: his understanding is infinite, Ps. cxlvii. 5. So his justice
is infinite, his mercy is infinite, and all the rest. They have no
bounds, no limits, but his own will and pleasure. He never acted
to the utmost in any of them ; he never put forth so much power,
but he could put forth more if he pleased ; he never exercised so
much patience, but he could exercise more if he would.

Hence it is that in Scripture they are affirmed of God not
only in the concrete, but also in the abstract. He is not only
loving, but love : ‘ God is love,’ 1 John iv. 7. He is not only wise,
but wisdom : Prov. ix. 1 , ‘ Wisdom hath built her house.’ He is
not only good, but goodness: ‘ I will make all my goodness,’ i.e.,
myself, ‘ pass before thee,’ Exod. xxxiii. 19. He is not only holy,
but holiness : ‘ Look down from heaven, the habitation where thy
holiness dwelleth,’ Isa. Ixiii. 15. Therefore these attributes of God
must be boundless, because they are his being, himself.

– George Swinnock, The Incomparableness of God