Desiring to praise God.

1 Almighty Author of my frame,
To thee my vital powers belong;
Thy praise, (delightful, glorious theme !)
Demands my heart, my life, my tongue.

2 My heart, my life, my tongue are thine :
Oh be thy praise their blest employ !
But may my song with Angels’ join?
Nor sacred awe forbid the joy ?

3 Thy glories, the seraphic lyre
On all its strings attempts in vain ;
Then how shall mortals dare aspire
In thought, to try th’ unequal strain ?

4 Yet the great Sovereign of the skies
To mortals bends a gracious ear ;
Nor the mean tribute will despise,
If offer’d with a heart sincere.

5 Great God, accept the humble praise,
And guide my heart, and guide my tongue,
While to thy name I trembling raise
The grateful, though unworthy song.

Anne Steele, Hymns, Psalms, and Poems