God’s Answer to Man’s Question

Man has always treated sin as a misfortune, not a crime; as disease, not
guilt; as a case for the physician, not for the judge. Herein lies the
essential faultiness of all mere human religions or theologies. They fail
to acknowledge the judicial aspect of the question, as that on which the
real answer must hinge; and to recognise the guilt or criminality of the
evil-doer as that which must first be dealt with before any real answer,
or approximation to an answer, can be given. God is a Father; but He is
no less a Judge. Shall the Judge give way to the Father, or the Father give
way to the Judge?

God loves the sinner; but He hates the sin. Shall He sink His love to the sinner
in His hatred of the sin, or His hatred of the sin in His love to the sinner?

Horatius Bonar, The Everlasting Righteousness