The Ship Which is Always Sailing On

“The ship holds on her course, and makes for the desired port,
whether they on board sit, lie or walk, eat or sleep.”

Thus time is at all times bearing us onward to the land where time shall
be no more. There is never a pause in our progress toward eternity, whether
we trifle or are in earnest. Even while we read these lines the great ship
is still speeding onward at the same rapid and unvarying rate. We shall soon
see the shore of eternity ; far sooner than we think ! It becomes us to be
ready for the landing, and for the weighty business which will then engage us,
namely, judgment at the hands of Christ.

If we could lie becalmed a while and make no move ment toward eternity we
could afford to sport ; but if we look over the ship’s stern we may see by
her shining wake how she is cutting through the waves. Past time urges us to
diligence, for it has reported us in heaven ; and future time calls us to
earnestness, for it must be short, and may end this very day. And then!

Charles Spurgeion, “Illustrations and Meditations”