On Hosea 2:14-15

1 Sweet was the hour and sweet the place,
But sweeter was the love,
When first I met the God of grace,
And did his kindness prove.

2 He found me with a heart averse
To ev’ry thing divine;
But grace persuaded, and allur’d
This stubborn will of mine.

3 He led me in a wilderness,
And shew’d my lost estate ;
Dreadful at first was my amaze,
My terror, O how great

4 I heard wild monsters round me roar,
Nor knew I where to fly;
No help, no food, no shelter near;
Alas ! I faint, I die.

5 Thus as I cry’d with fault’ring tongue,
And bow’d my trembling knees,
My Jesus to my succour flies,
My soul with raptures sees.

6 Heav’n shone around his golden head,
Heav’n beam’d from both his eyes,
And while I felt his kind embrace,
I seem’d in paradise.

7 So comfortably did he speak,
And swore eternal love;
Sure nothing could be half so sweet,
Except the joys above.

8 His presence gave the wilderness
A verdure all divine.
The loaded vines hung o’er my head,
And dropp’d celestial wine,

9 My soul began to sing
In strains unknown before;
I wanted then a seraph’s voice
To praise my Saviour more.

John Ryland, Hymns and Verses