Man’s Tailoring

“Men make laws as tailors make garments—to fit the crooked
bodies they serve for, to suit the humors of the people who are to be
governed by those laws.”

This is man’s poor tailoring, and it betrays the sinfulness both of those
who frame laws and of those for whom they are made : the Judge of all the
earth acts on other principles. God has ordained his law according to the
rule of perfect equity, and he will not adapt it to our prejudices and deformities.
Some men treat the law and testimony of the Lord as if it were like plaster of
Paris, to be poured over their features to take the cast of their own boasted
loveliness. Eeligion is to them a matter of opinion and not of fact ; they talk
about their “views,” and their ideas, as if Christians were no longer believers
but inventors, and no more disciples but masters. This cometh of evil, and
leadeth on to worse consequences. Our sentiments are like a tree, which must
be trained to the wall of Scripture ; but too many go about to bow the wall
to their tree, and cut and trim texts to shape them to their mind. Let
us never be guilty of this. Reverence for the perfect word should prevent
our altering even a syllable of it. ” The law of the Lord is perfect, converting
the soul;’ ‘let it convert us, but never let us try to pervert it. Our
ideas must take the mould of Scripture—this is wisdom : to endeavor to
mould Scripture to our ideas would be presumption.

Charles Spurgeon, “Illustrations and Meditations”