For the Morning

1 Jesus, by whose Grace I live
From the fear of Evil kept,
Thou hast lengthen’d my Reprieve,
Held in Being while I slept
With the Day my Heart renew ;
Let me wake thy Will to do.

2 Since the last revolving Dawn
Scattered the Nocturnal Cloud,
O how many Souls have gone,
Unprepar’d, to meet their God !
Yet thou dost prolong my Breath,
Hast not seal’d my Eyes in Death.

3 that I may keep thy Word,
Taught by thee to Watch and Pray
To thy Service, dearest Loed,
Sanctify th’ ensuing Day :
Swift its fleeting Moments haste ;
Doom’d, perhaps, to be my Last.

4 Crucified to all below,
Earth shall never be my Care
Wealth and Honour I forego
This my only Wish and Care
Thine in Life and Death to be,
Now and to Eternity.

Augustus Toplady, Poems and Hymns