The Righteousness of God Reckoned to Us

This righteousness of God was no common righteousness. It was the righteousness
of Him who was both God and man; and therefore it was not only the
righteousness of God, but in addition to this it was the righteousness of
man. It embodied and exhibited all uncreated and all created perfection.
Never had the like been seen or heard of in heaven or on earth before. It was
the twofold perfection of Creatorhood and Creatorship in one resplendent
center, one glorious Person; and the dignity of that Person gave a perfection,
a vastness, a length and breadth, a height and depth, to that righteousness
which never had been equaled, and which never shall be equaled for ever. It
is the perfection of perfection; the excellency of excellency; the holiness
of holiness. It is that in which God preeminently delighteth. Never had His
law been so kept and honored before. Son of God and Son of man in one person,
He in this twofold character keeps the Father’s law, and in keeping it provides
a righteousness so large and full, that it can be shared with others, transferred
to others, imputed to others, and God be glorified (as well as the sinner
saved) by the transference and imputation.

Horatius Bonar, The Everlasting Righteousness