The Chariot of the Spirit

“The Spirit of God rides most triumphantly in his own chariot.”

That is to say, he is best pleased to convey conviction and comfort by means
of his own word. God’s word, not man’s comment on God’s word, is the most
usual means of conversion. This is done to put honor upon the divine
revelation, and to make us prize it with all our hearts. Our Lord said
not only, ” Sanctify them,” but, ” sanctify them through thy truth ;” and
then he added, ” thy word is truth.” Our author does well to liken the
Scriptures to a chariot, because they are the ordinary means by which the
Holy Ghost comes to us, but they are only the chariot, and without the quickening
Spirit they bring us no good. The Scriptures do not make our hearts burn
till the Spirit kindles them into flames, and then we say, ” Did not our
hearts burn within us while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened
to us the Scriptures.” Let us reverence Holy Scripture because the Holy Ghost
is its author, expositor, preserver, and applier. We cannot too often use
the weapon which the Spirit himself calls his sword.

Charles Spurgeon, “Illustrations and Meditations”