Come From On High, My King and God

1 Come from on high, my King and God,
My Confidence thou art
Display the Virtue of thy Blood,
And circumcise my Heart.

2 From Heav’n, thy Holy Place, on me
Descend in Mercy down ;
Balm of the World, I thirst for Thee,
To know Thee for my own.

3 From Top to Bottom rend the Veil
That keeps me out of God ;
Remove the Bar, and let me feel
That I am thine Abode.

4 O might this worthless Heart of mine
The Saviour’s Temple be !
Empty’d of ev’ry Love but Thine,
And shut to all but Thee !

5 I long to find thy Presence there,
I long to see thy Face ;
Almighty Lord, my Heart Prepare
The Saviour to embrace.

6 Thou know’st, Lord, no Rest I have
By Reason of my Sin ;
Convince me of thy Pow’r to save,
And Say, “I will, be Clean.”

Augustus Toplady, Poems and Hymns