What the Resurrection of the Substitute Has Done

He is risen! Yes; and now we see more fully the meaning of His own words,
spoken at a tomb, and over one whom death had bound, “I am the resurrection
and the life”; Himself at once the raiser and the raised, the quickener and
the quickened, the p0sessor and the giver of an infinite life,-a higher kind
of life than that which the first Adam knew,-a life which can force its way
into the dungeons of death, transforming them, by its resistless power, into
the dwellings, the palaces, the temples of immortality and glory.

He is risen! He has tasted death, but He has not seen corruption; for He is the
Holy One of God, and upon holiness corruption cannot fasten. As the beloved of
the Father, He rises from the dead; for therefore doth the Father love Him,
because He giveth His life for the sheep. And in this resurrection we read the
Father’s testimony to His Sonship; the Father’s seal set to His completed
propitiation; the Father’s declaration of satisfaction and delight in the work
of Calvary.

Horatius Bonar, The Everlasting Righteousness