Fire Spreading

“A good man is always seeking to make others good, as fire turneth
all things about it into fire.”

You cannot make fire stay where it is, it will spread as opportunity serves
it. It will subdue all its surroundings to itself. Carlyle says that ” man
is emphatically a proselytizing creature,” and assuredly the new creature is
such. Life grows, and so invades the regions of death, and spiritual life is
most of all intense in its growing and spreading. Liberty to hold our opinions
but not to spread them is no liberty, for one of our main opinions is that we
should bring all around us to Jesus, and to obedience to the truth. Lord, help
us ever to be doing this, subduing the earth for thee by spreading on all sides
the name of Jesus. Let our life burn till the whole world is on a blaze.

Charles Spurgeon, “Illustrations and Meditations”