All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray

1 ALL we like sheep have gone astray,”
And left Jehovah’s fold;
Each fond of some forbidden way,
Averse to be controll’d.

2 Defenceless in ourselves we are,
Expos’d like helpless sheep,
Yet did we slight the shepherd’s care
Whose eyelids never sleep.

3 Impatient of restraint, we sought
To overleap the mound,
Which should have kept each wand’ring thought
From all infectious ground.

4 Unwilling thus to be confin’d
To pastures ever green,
The sinful, vagrant, carnal mind
Has tried a different scene.

5 For, straying through the howling maze,
We search’d the desert round,
Where poisons of deceitful taste,
And beasts of prey abound,

6 An eye we did not then regard
Beheld us all the way;
Else we had met our just reward,
And been the lions prey.

7 We would that shepherd’s love adore,
Our wand’ring souls who sought:
Our heinous guilt himself he bore,
Our lives with his he bought.

8 ‘Twas he redeem’d us from the pit,
With his own precious blood ;
‘Twas he turn’d back our wand’ring feet,
And brought us home to God.

John Ryland, Hymns and Verses