“Lead is lead still, whatever stamp it beareth.”

A change of form is a very different thing from a change of substance. You may
cast lead into the shape of a shilling, hut you cannot make silver of it. Now,
the only change which can save us is a thorough transformation of nature, and
this is as clearly beyond human power as the turning of lead into silver. When
we see a great moral improvement in any man we ought to be glad, and to admire
the power of conscience ; but if the man’s heart remains the same, the
alteration is only casting a lump of lead into a pretty form. When the man’s
nature and disposition are radically altered, we may then exclaim, ” This is
the finger of God”—this is transmuting lead into silver. ” Ye must be born again:”
nothing less will suffice.

Lord, grant that I may truly know this change. If I am mistaken and have never
been regenerated, be pleased to exercise thy gracious power upon me now, for
Jesus’ sake.

Charles Spurgeon, “Illustrations and Meditations”